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 Type 1 & 2 diabetes Disease, Symptoms with Surgery options
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What is Diabetes?
Diabetes, otherwise known as the sugar disease, is common and causes serious results. It is caused by a pancreas generated insulin insufficiency or insulin inefficiency. Without insulin, sugar and other nutritional elements gained from food cannot be taken up by the cells.
Diabetes Disease and Symptoms
Frequent urinating, extreme thirst, blurred vision, weakness, weariness, uexpected weight loss, frequent urinary tract infections, slow recovery of wounds...
Diabetes and Psycholigical Wellness
Type 2 diabetes is a dynamic, progressive and heterogenic disease which usually appears during maturity. Diabetes doesn’t have only physical effects on individuals, but also psychological.
Type 1 Diabetes
The energy needs of our body are supplied by carbonhydrates, proteins and fats, the basic nutritional elements of our food. The most important of these nutritional elements, which are broken down to the smallest of particles in order to be able to be absorbed, is the glucose called plain sugar.
Type 2 Diabetes
This is a type of diabetes found in adults. The pancreas produces insulin, but the body cannot use this as required due to insulin resistance. It occurs more in persons above the age of 40.
Diabetes and Obesity
Obesity, meaning adiposity, is the excessive collection of fatty tissue in the body and weight increase. There are many factors determining obesity, like genetic, environmental factors, socio-economic status, metabolic diseases, medicines.
Hidden Sugar
The situation colloquially called hidden sugar expresses the metabolic status between normal glucose balance and diabetes. Normally the blood sugar needs to be < 110 mg/dl on an empty stomach. And if this blood sugar is above 110 mg./dl but under < 126 mg/dl on an empty stomach it is defined as an “Impaired Glucose Tolerance”.
Sugar Control
Diabetes is a metabolism disease which manifests itself with a blood glucose concentration above normal. In order to be able to understand the reasons for this, we need to know how our body generates the necessary energy.
Foot Care
Sugar disease, meaning diabetes, has been one of the most important health problems of societies since times past. As the blood sugar level can be controlled thanks to new treatment approaches and developed medicines, ketoacidosis and hypoglycaemia, among the deadly complications of diabetes, are rarely seen.
Metabolic Surgery