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 Metabolic Surgery | Diabetes & Weight Loss Treatment
Metabolic Surgery

Metabolic Surgery
Facts On Latest Research

Metabolic Surgery

Metabolic Surgery
Facts On Latest Research

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Main Philosophy of Metabolic Surgery
This article aims to question the utility of current surgical methods and their alternatives for the treatment of worldthreatening “diabesity” pandemic. We, as surgeons, need to address the following question honestly—“Are we offering the best surgical procedure to our patients?”
All About Metabolic Surgery
We have been treating type 2 diabetes patients using a surgical method. It is called Metabolic Surgery. The classic treatment paradigm of type 2 diabetes is education, diet, exercise and the use of medication.
Metabolic Surgery Effect Mechanism
The condition that includes obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension is called Metabolic Syndrome. The treatment of Metabolic Syndrome by surgical methods is called Metabolic Surgery.
Metabolic Surgery in Literature
The surgical treatment of Metabolic Syndrome is called Metabolic Surgery. You can find the information in the literature on Metabolic Surgery.
Pre and Post Surgical Period
1-2 days prior to your operation your hospitalization will be performed and blood diluting medicine and purgative medicine for the cleaning of the intestines will be supplied. Your blood sugar and hyper tension will be taken under control.
Transit Bipartition
Gained to the medicine literature by the Brazilian surgeon Sergio Santoro, this surgical technique is similar to the other techniques as it is a combined operation with sleeve gastrectomy procedure.
Metabolic Surgery